Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Courses - An Online Installation

Welcome to glacial weather, hot chocolate, and lots of new courses. In one word: the Winter term!

This is the time of the year when reflective projects challenge students to dive deep into themselves: Freshmen investigate what fuels our society in STEM, and dive into themselves in the "Who Am I?" course.  Sophomores read Forbidden Books and investigate different diseases and disorders.  Juniors explore the mysteries of Light, Sound & Time, and investigate the national arguments of different revolutions. And Seniors, while getting ready for their post-grad lives, take on the roles of journalists and designers, respectively in the Journalism and UXD (User Experience Design) courses.

Check out who's teaching our courses this Winter, and leave us a comment.

Forbidden Books course Fuel Course Journalism Course UXD Course Light & Sound Course Disease Course Who Am I? Argument Course Image Map

PARENTS & FAMILIES! To log into our system and access the entire Elective courses, please go to and use the username/password shared with you by email. Without login in, you will only see the public pages.  Thank you.

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